Phuoc Minh Palace

   Phuoc Minh Palace (commonly called Ong Pagoda because the major worshipped god here is Quan Thanh De, i.e. Mandarin Cong) is situated at 44 Dien Bien Phu Street, Ward 2, Tra Vinh town. It is considered an original and typical architectural work and a “traditional fine-art museum” of the Chinese community on the territory of Tra Vinh
province. The date of this pagoda was some centuries and it was restored in the early 20th century.

   The architectural space of the pagoda is designed in the style of “noi cong ngoai quoc” (the interior is in the shape of the Chinese letter Earth, and the exterior the Chinese letter Water) in accordance with the Chinese tradition. There are three parts i.e. front-palace,mid-palace and post-palace which are constructed in the shape of the Chinese letter "Three” and the two sides -the left palace and the right palace - direct to the inside.The whole work is covered with the yin-yang tile into several steps; the roof’s edging is coated with the enamel of the pearl color; the pillars are made of precious timber. The interior, from the worship plaques and altars to the doors, horizontal lacquered boards, crolls and so on, is all skillfully carved and decorated in the patterns of the traditional Chinese fine-art such as the two dragons attending the Moon's audience, the Dragon – Phoenix fighting for the pearl, the four supernatural creatures (i.e. dragon, unicorn,tortoise, phoenix), the four screens, the eight fairies,and dao vien ket nghia (peach garden for sworn brothers) and so on. Annually, on the occasion of the 15th day of the 1st lunar month, Nguyen Tieu Festival of the Chinese community in Tra Vinh province takes place in Phuoc Minh Palace.
   Phuoc Minh Palace was granted to be a national historical cultural vestige by the Ministry of Culture and Information in 2005.

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