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Welcome to IBM WebSphere Portal

Delivering power and flexibility. . .on demand!

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Everything that you need is right here. Look at What's New to see how you can quickly navigate your site, rearrange page content, and find people and content. Explore the product links. Click Get Started Now for tips on using and customizing your site.

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What's New?

Working on your site just got easier! These enhancements simplify site navigation, page redesign, and more.

Main Menu

With just one click, quickly go anywhere on the site. Customize the menu to suit your design.

Quick Links

Displayed at the bottom of the site, quick links are customizable and provide one-click access to major areas of the site.

Page Menus

Use page menus to access all actions that you are allowed to perform. Just click the menu icon beside a page title, and select an action.

People Palette

Quickly find people in the user registry, no matter where you are on the site.

Search Scopes

Use search scopes to restrict a search to a specific area of a site. Use search administration to define new scopes and links to other search engines.

Breadcrumb Trail

Located next to the main menu, the breadcrumb tracks your location on the site. Choose how much detail to show in the breadcrumb.

Drag and Drop

Quickly rearrange page content. Just drag and drop a portlet to a new location.

Portlet Menus

Click the menu icon in any portlet title bar to access all of the actions that you can perform.

Portlet Palette

Add a portlet to a page with ease. Just drag a portlet from the Portlet Palette to a page.

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Welcome to Web Content Management

Display content, links, and other components from your site.

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