1,177 Tra Vinh youths enlisting in the Army in 2023

At 6 am on February 9, districts, towns, and cities in Tra Vinh province solemnly held a ceremony to hand over and receive troops to send 1,177 young people off to defend the Fatherland. 

Duyen Hai district youths enthusiastically enlisted in the Army.

In Duyen Hai district, attending the ceremony of handing over and receiving troops were Senior Lieutenant General Pham Hoai Nam, member of the Party Central Committee, Deputy Minister of National Defense; Lieutenant General Nguyen Xuan Dat, Commander of Military Zone 9; Mr. Le Van Dau, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, members of the Provincial People's Armed Forces Council, Duyen Hai district, representatives of units receiving troops, together with young men on their way to the Army and their families to see them off. In the army unit, the Provincial Military Service Council organizes a live broadcast of the ceremony of handing over and receiving troops on the Radio and Television of Tra Vinh province.

In a dignified atmosphere, Major Pham Hoang Anh Tuan, Commander of the District Customs Service, announced the decision of the Chairman of Tra Vinh Provincial People's Committee on assigning quotas for calling citizens to enlist in the Army and deciding on assigned targets to participate in People's Public Security service in 2023. In 2023, Duyen Hai district was assigned by the Provincial People's Committee to select and call 92 young people (including two young women) to enlist in the Army. 70 young people performing military service were assigned to the following units: 29th Brigade of Information, 25th Engineer Brigade - Military Zone 9, Border Guard, Provincial Ministry of National Defense, and 22 youths to join the service - people's Police (including 1 female).

Immediately after announcing the decision of the Provincial People's Committee on the assignment of quotas for calling citizens to join the Army and participate in the People's Public Security service, Mr. Le Vu Phuong, Provincial Member, Secretary of the District Party Committee, Secretary of the district Military Party Committee lit a traditional fire. This is the fire of the continuation of the tradition of the fathers’ generation participating in defense of the Fatherland, the flame of the predecessors given to the generations to come, cheering and encouraging the young people to go out and contribute to the construction of the Army, Regular Police officers, and step by step to modernize.

Mr. Kim Chi Hoa, Deputy Secretary of the District Party Committee, Chairman of the District People's Committee, and Chairman of the District People's Commissar Council, hit the exchanging drum and received troops. The drum-call urges the young generation of the Duyen Hai district to have more strength, ready to devote their youth and strength to contribute to the defense of the Fatherland.

Speaking at the ceremony, Duyen Hai District People's Committee Chairman Kim Chi Hoa emphasized that through the resistance wars and national defense, Duyen Hai has had thousands of young people enlist in the Army, participating, fighting, and serving in all parts of the country. These victories and achievements have adorned the glorious and heroic history of the Party Committee and the People of the Duyen Hai district. Promoting that tradition, he believes that the 92 young people who enlist in the Army in 2023 will enable the nation's practice of defending the country, the heroic tradition of the homeland, fulfill the glorious task, and become the preeminent soldier in the Army, and become the heroic Vietnam People's Public Security. Officers are encouraged to strive, cultivate, train, and study well, to be worthy of the title "Uncle Ho's Soldiers"; unite and help each other with the spirit of comrades and comrades to make progress together, strictly keeping discipline and order; contribute to building a more powerful army and Police. Local authorities, functional branches, and mass organizations will do well in the rear to support young people to complete the national construction and defense task in the new situation.

Touched by the attention of leaders, party committees, local authorities, and representatives of young people going to join the Army, Thach Bao Long Tuyen – a young adult, Don Chau commune, said: We are deeply aware that the task  of protecting the Fatherland and maintaining national security to ensure security and order is every young person's sacred duty and responsibility. We promise always to be determined to strive, unite, overcome all difficulties, be positive, actively study and practice; strictly abide by the national law, the discipline of the People's Army, the People's Public Security, the regulations of the unit, complete all assigned tasks to contribute to firmly protecting the revolutionary achievements that our previous generations have worked hard to cultivate.

Deputy Minister of National Defense Pham Hoai Nam presents flowers and gifts to the Duyen Hai district young people before leaving for the Army in 2023.

The atmosphere of the military handover ceremony was stimulating but no less dignified. Firm handshakes, gifts, and bouquets of fresh flowers were given to young people by the Deputy Minister of National Defense and provincial and district leaders before leaving as a spark of patriotism and a message to young people: The young should be confident, strive to fulfill their responsibilities to the Fatherland, uphold the revolutionary tradition of the homeland and family, make every effort to study and practice, strictly observe the military discipline and regulations of the unit, and perform well all assigned tasks.

Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Le Van Han gave flowers and gifts to young people in the Duyen Hai district before going to the Army in 2023

In 2023, Tra Vinh province was assigned the target of recruiting and calling 1,177 young people (including two young women) to enlist in the Army to perform military service and the People's Public Security. Of the 901 youths performing military service, 15 young people are party members, 319 young people of Khmer ethnicity, 2 are Hoa people (Chinese-Vietnamese), 58 are young people with the university, college, and vocational intermediate degrees, and health index type 1 and type 2 reached over 45%. Localities in the province have strongly mobilized sponsors to give gifts and savings books to young people before leaving, which was from 1-3 million VND on average.

At the end of the delivery ceremony, 100% of young people in Tra Vinh province enthusiastically set out, ensuring that the delivery of troops reached 100% of the target, quality, and safety.

Huu Hiep 

Hoang Khiem (Translator)


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