Recognition of tourist spot Ao Ba Om as a National Scenic Landscape Area

The Provincial People's Committee has just issued Decision No. 2077/QD-UBND, recognizing the tourist destination of Ao Ba Om National Scenic Landscape Area.

Ao Ba Om, the National Scenic Landscape Area

According to the Decision, the Provincial People's Committee assigned the Relic Management Board at Vinh Hoi hamlet, Long Duc commune, Tra Vinh city, Tra Vinh province, to manage the tourist site, develop and maintain the recognition conditions for the tourist destination, and impose their rights and obligations under the law. The Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism perform the state management of tourist attractions under current regulations.

Ba Om Pond is located more than 5km from the center of Tra Vinh city to the southwest in cluster 4, ward 8, Tra Vinh city, Tra Vinh province. The pond is rectangular, 300m wide, and 500m long (because it is close to the square, it is also called Square Pond). Surrounded on the pond bank is a forest of ancient trees, most of which are hundreds of years old star and oil trees. In particular, under the influence of nature, many old trees inert their fascinating roots over time, creating a unique feature.

Ba Om Pond was ranked as a national historical-cultural relic by the Ministry of Culture and Information (now the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) as a national historical-cultural relic, a type of scenic relic, in 1994. This is also one of the central organizing centers of the Ok Om Bok festival. This national intangible cultural heritage takes place on the full moon of the tenth month of the lunar calendar every year.

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