Chairman of Tra Vinh Provincial People's Committee received and worked with Director of International Fund for Agricultural Development Program in Vietnam

Mr. Dong Van Lam - Chairman of Tra Vinh (TV) Provincial People's Committee and leaders of related departments and branches of the province had a working session with Mr. Thomas Rath - Director of International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) Program in Vietnam on May 25 at TV Provincial People's Committee. Leaders of Coordinating Committee of Adaptation to Climate Change in the Mekong Delta (AMD) in Tra Vinh and Ben Tre Provinces Project attended the working session.

The working session view

“The purpose of the delegation working with Tra Vinh Province this time is to focus and spend time on field surveys in order to build general ideas for rural development and poverty reduction project in the Mekong Delta. The project will be implemented in Tra Vinh and Ben Tre Provinces. It will build an expanded approach to intelligent and creative changes to climate change of small agricultural production households and it is applicable to the whole Mekong Delta”, Mr. Thomas Rath affirmed.

Mr. Thomas Rath – Director of IFDA in Vietnam (the second person from the right) was at the working session.

On behalf of TV Provincial People's Committee, Mr. Dong Van Lam acknowledged the contribution of Tra Vinh AMD Project through two stages. Mr. Thomas Rath played the important role. Mr. Dong Van Lam hoped that the delegation would build perfect general ideas for rural poverty reduction and development project to meet the progress. That was considered to be phase 3 of the project.

Regarding to the effectiveness of phase 1 and 2 of AMD Project, it has been  implemented in 30 communes of 7 districts in the province. The project has brought many benefits to poor and near poor households in rural areas without productive land, resources for aquaculture, human resource training and science technology. The project has brought benefits to small and medium businesses in rural areas and enterprises operating in the value chain sector with the goal of building sustainable livelihoods for the rural poor in changeable environmental conditions. The project and Tra Vinh Province implemented effectively and achieved many important targets throughout the project implementation. The project has left for people in Tra Vinh and Ben Tre Provinces important premises to implement the program of sustainable poverty reduction.

Mr. Thomas Rath wished to support the project of Climate – smart Agricultural Value Chain Development (CAV) for Tra Vinh and Ben Tre Provinces, it will be implemented in the period of 2021-2025. The total capital of the project is USD 32.69 million, equivalent to VND 751,870 billion. In particular, there are ODA capital, IFAD capital, aid capital, reciprocal capital of Vietnam Government, development investment capital and contributed capital of beneficiaries.

Mr. Dong Van Lam assigned specific responsibilities to each department and branch to coordinate and support the delegation carrying out surveys to achieve the set goals and requirements.

The delegation will work in Tra Vinh May 25 – May 29, 2020 and conduct field surveys in Cau Ngang, Duyen Hai, Cang Long and Cau Ke Districts. At the same time, the delegation will work with Agriculture and Rural Development, Planning and Investment and Natural Resources and Environment Departments, Tra Vinh Provincial Women's Union and Tra Vinh Provincial Farmers Union. Before the end of the survey, the delegation will have a meeting with leaders of Tra Vinh Provincial People's Committee, departments and branches on May 29, 2020.

Written by Q. Dung
Translated by Sac Sanh


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