Socio-Economic review for july 2023

On the afternoon of July 20th, the Tra Vinh Provincial People's Committee organized a meeting to assess the socio-economic situation for July. This meeting also approved the content to be presented at the upcoming 10th session of the Provincial People's Council. The meeting was chaired by Chairman Le Van Han and attended by several Vice Chairmen of the Provincial People's Committee.

Meeting scene

During July, the province's socio-economic landscape exhibited continued positive and optimistic trends compared to the previous month. There was a considerable rise in budget revenue. The total budget revenue for July is estimated to be over 1,300 billion VND, bringing the cumulative revenue for the first seven months to over 10,800 billion VND, or 84.5% of the projected target. This marks a 27.2% increase compared to the same period last year. Budget expenditure, on the other hand, stood at around 227 billion dong, elevating the total expenditure from the beginning of the year to approximately 4,700 billion dong, or 40% of the budgeted figure.

In the agricultural sector, the province sowed around 1,782 hectares of summer-autumn rice. This brings the total rice cultivation area in the first seven months of the year to over 133,000 hectares, which is around 70.9% of the target. Moreover, the province harvested 65,992 hectares of rice, accounting for nearly 50% of the target. The projected output is nearly 400,000 tons, with an average yield of 6.02 tons per hectare. The province also focused on aquaculture, with a total area of over 7,000 hectares dedicated to this activity. Over the past seven months, the cumulative area used for aquaculture has surpassed 50,000 hectares, achieving 97.8% of the set target. In terms of seafood production, the province yielded a total of 20,557 tons, accumulating over 135,000 tons in the first seven months.

Simultaneously, industrial production displayed favorable conditions, indicating notable growth compared to the corresponding period last year. Thermal power plants, following a prolonged hiatus, resumed their operations. The estimated value of industrial production for the month neared 3,000 billion dong, resulting in an accumulated figure of over 19,900 billion dong over the course of seven months, a 9.5% increase year-on-year. Total retail sales of goods and services for the month are estimated at over 4,700 billion dong, while the accumulated figure for the first seven months stands at over 32,400 billion dong, or 61.8% of the projected target, reflecting a 25.2% increase compared to last year.


Vice Chairwoman of the Provincial People's Council, Duong Thi Ngoc Tho, expressing her opinions at the meeting

Furthermore, a focus was placed on education and training, science and technology, social welfare, and employment solutions, all of which yielded significant results. The province also attended to and successfully implemented policies related to ethnic and religious communities, as well as healthcare services. Administrative reforms, inspections, anti-corruption measures, and internal oversight were rigorously enforced and coordinated.


Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Le Van Han, speaking at the meeting

Summing up the meeting, Chairman Le Van Dau emphasized the need for local departments and agencies to concentrate on executing socio-economic development tasks, particularly those that have not yet met their projected targets. He urged the acceleration of fundamental construction projects, especially those within the socio-economic recovery and national target programs. Chairman Dau also highlighted the importance of educational rejuvenation and quality enhancement. He called for a heightened review and reevaluation of criteria concerning new rural areas, in order to attain the predefined objectives. It was also emphasized to maintain a proactive approach by closely monitoring the local situation, ensuring political and security stability, upholding social order, and enhancing traffic safety through increased patrolling.

During the meeting, provincial departments and branches engaged in discussions, exchanging ideas and contributing opinions on seven draft reports and resolutions. These would subsequently be submitted for consideration during the forthcoming thematic session of the Provincial People's Council.

Quoc Binh

Hoang Khiem (translator)


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