Hung My commune handicraft village

Hung My commune handicraft village at Chau Thanh district was recognized under Decision No. 1814/QD-UBND dated on November 29, 2007 of Tra Vinh province People’s Committee. 

Hung My is a rural commune of Chau Thanh district with natural area of 2.793,72 ha, of which agricultural area occupies 1.722,71 ha, makes up 61,67%. The recognition of the village is favorable conditions for economic development, makes jobs, increase income and improve local labors. Main activity of the village is to weave carpet, mat, knit bag and other decorated items made from plastic wire, 3D plastic wire, water hyacinth, coconut fiber… at Bai Vang, Dai Thon, Rach Von, Ngai Hiep, Ngai Loi hamlet. Along with development of other handicraft village like Dinh An commune, Duc My, Luong Hoa… Hung My village contributes to tradition handicraft product chain from local profuse material resource, step by step enhance skill, preserve and promote value of provincial traditional products.

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