In March, the socio-economic situation in the province remained stable and developed

On March 24, the Provincial People's Committee held a preliminary meeting to review the socio-economic situation. The meeting was chaired by Chairman Le Van Han, and co-chaired by Vice Chairman Le Thanh Binh and Vice Chairman Nguyen Quynh Thien. The attendees included Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Council Kien Quan, leaders of provincial departments, branches, and People's Committees of districts, towns, and cities.

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The budget revenue for March was estimated at over 2,700 billion VND, and the accumulated revenue for the first quarter was over 4,500 billion VND, reaching 35.46% of the estimate, up 59.55% over the same period. The production value of agriculture, forestry, and fishery in the first quarter of 2023 was estimated at over VND 6,800 billion, reaching 22.66% of the plan, down 0.96% over the same period. Specifically, rice production at the beginning of the year had sown 63,251 hectares, reaching 33.7% of the plan, and the output was estimated to reach over 83,000 tons in the first quarter.

In the industrial sector, the majority of enterprises had stable production and business activities. The industrial production index increased by 19.01% over the previous month, and the value of industrial production was estimated at over 2,500 billion dongs, up 14% over the previous month. In the first quarter, the industrial production index decreased by 19.9%, the industrial production value was about 7,000 billion VND, reaching 20.79% of the plan, down 5.53% over the same period.

Trade in services changed well, with total retail sales of goods and service revenue increasing sharply. Tourism also recovered and developed quite well. The province focused on people's health care, paid attention to and well performed social security activities, repaid gratitude, and visited people with meritorious services. The work of understanding the production situation at enterprises and the progress of project implementation of the investor was of great interest and closely related. The province also continued to accelerate the progress of vaccination against Covid-19 according to the allocation of the Ministry of Health.

Chairman Le Van Han concluded the meeting

Concluding the meeting, Chairman Le Van Han suggested that relevant departments, branches, and localities coordinate with enterprises to prevent environmental pollution at landfills. There is a need to pay attention and spend a lot of time on the settlement of complaints and denunciations, and for upcoming projects as well as those under construction, there should be definitive and thorough working solutions.

The Chairman also proposed continuing to promote the labor export movement, creating jobs for workers, taking measures to propagate and mobilize people to participate in social insurance, paying attention to embellishing the environment landscape, and interested in agricultural production, new countryside, and quality enterprise development.

     Nguyen Chuong

Hoang Khiem (Translator)



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