Don Ca Tai Tu (Dilettante and music performance)

The Don ca tai tu (dilettante singing and music performance) is both an traditional art and a stylish pleasure in the Southern rural.Everywhere in villages and communes, clusters and hamlets in Tra Vinh province, there are groups and clubs of this art form. However, the best-known for their traditional history and operation quality are those in communes of Hoa Thuan and Luong Hoa (in Chau Thanh district),My Long and Hiep My (in Cau Ngang district), Cang Long town (Cang Long district), and Dinh An (in Tra Cu district) etc…

As usual, a Don ca tai tu group consists of artists playing the don ghi ta phim lom ("Vietnamized" acoustic or electric guitar with scalloped fret board), don co (monochord lute), don kim (moon-shaped tow string lute) or don sen twostring lute), and flute etc…and some other singers who have thorough knowledge of the basic system of 3 Southern songs, 6 Northern songs, 4 Oan songs, 7 Ha songs and Southern Vietnamese traditional folk songs. From these basic songs, the dilettante art can deeply go into every corner of the life, soul and emotion of the southern people who are very generous, considerate and sentimental.

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